Clinical Trials at Affiliates in Urology

  • Sponsor: KTP Laser Study Group
    Title: Clinical evaluation of the safety and efficacy of an 80 watt KTP Laser prostatectomy for BPH
    Purpose: Determine effectiveness of a high powered laser as an alternative to traditional transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP).
    Status: open for patients
    Contact: Dr. M. Hai or Dr. M. Ahmed

  • Sponsor: Michigan Cancer Consortium
    Title: Survey of recently diagnosed prostate cancer patients
    Purpose: survey men with recently diagnosed prostate cancer who have not yet started treatment in order to determine potential educational interventions in the future.
    Status: open for patients. Patients are compensated for their participation.
    Contact Dr. M. Ahmed for more information

  • Sponsor: Radiation Therapy Oncology Group 96-01
    Title: A phase III trial of radiation therapy with or without Casodex in patients with PSA elevation following radical prostatectomy for pT3N0 carcinoma of the prostate
    Purpose: as above.
    Status: open for patients
    Contact Dr. M. Ahmed

  • Sponsor: Radiation Therapy Oncology Group 99-10
    Title: A phase III trial to evaluate the duration of neoadjuvant total androgen suppression and radiation therapy in intermediate risk prostate cancer
    Purpose: compare 8 weeks versus 28 weeks of hormonal therapy for treating intermediate risk prostate cancer prior to radiation therapy
    Status: open for patients
    Contact Dr. M. Ahmed

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